Our story

Lifestyle Safari was created by two friends who are avid fashion enthusiasts.

For a very long time, these friends would travel every year, along with their families, touring the world, in search of new experiences.

After visiting the most iconic places across the five continents, the most exotic beaches and exploring mountain life, there was a point when they began to feel the need for more adventure.

Upon returning from these yearly trips, they were already starting to plan their next one. This has been part of their ritual.

Somewhere along the way, one of the friends came up with the idea of going to Africa for a Safari experience. That trip turned out to be a total breakthrough.

While immersed in the jungle, enjoying the African vegetation and the most amazing wildlife, an idea crossed their minds: to develop an avant-garde retail concept which would gather categories and designer brands that relate to a certain lifestyle and are synonymous with joy, all at one place.

It was then that the name of this website began to take shape. Suddenly it clicked: “it should be called Lifestyle Safari”. This is how their ¨baby¨ was born.

Lifestyle Safari is like taking a tour to indulgence. We are honored to have you with us. Please make yourself at home.